Q "I've just tried to book online and the site crashed. I've gone back in and the seats are blocked, what's happened?"

Don't panic, the seats are actually held for 30 mins in case things go wrong. Sometimes the site crashes when the internet drops, if you try in 30 minutes they should be available again. Otherwise you can pop into the cinema during our opening hours. You will only have been charged if you received a Paypal confirmationDon't panic, the seats are actually held for 30 mins in case things go wrong. Sometimes the site crashes when the internet drops, if you try in 30 minutes they should be available again. Otherwise you can pop into the cinema during our opening hours. You will only have been charged if you received a Paypal confirmation.

Q "I'm trying to book a pair of seats in a three, or a single in a pair and it won't let me"

We have a single seat policy, sometimes this can be really annoying if there is only a set of 3 seats left and you want to book 2 seats and likewise if you want to book a single seat and there is only pairs left. But it actually saves us a fortune. It's our policy to maintain this as it also enables the most people to be able to come and see a film. If this happens to you, you can either book them in house or book all 3 and we will refund you the single seat when you come into the venue.

Q "I've tried a few times and after choosing my seats the site crashes, it's really frustrating."

Our online sales site has been operational 99.8% of the time this year. If you do notice a problem, please let us know. However, if the site appears to be crashing after choosing seats this normally means that you may be leaving a single seat whilst booking. Depending on which browser you are using it may not display a notice.

Q "What is your telephone number?"

Owing to changes in data protection law we don't have an in-house telephone. To book via the telephone would cost an extra £2.50 a ticket so we don't do it. If you have a general enquiry you can email in below or pop in and see us. Our online box office is open 24hrs and the venue's box office is open 40hrs per week.

Q "Do you sell Gift Vouchers?"

We certainly do. They are available in £10 denominations from the in-house box office. We also run a friendship scheme which is very popular and includes 2 free tickets and a year's worth of discounts. See our friendships page for more details. 

Q "I've changed my mind, can I get a refund?"

All of our tickets are non-refundable. We can exchange tickets to another screening with 7 day's notice. If you can't make a screening, please feel free to pass your tickets on to someone else. Under special circumstances we may be able to refund seats or exchange them to another screening. Please pop in and speak with us if this is the case. We are not able to action exchanges or refunds via email.

Q "Can I reserve seats?

Unfortunately, we are unable to reserve seats, we can only sell seats online or in house.

Q "Do you offer vouchers to fundraisers and charities?"

Yes, we do, but these are first come first served on a quarterly allocation. As a social enterprise we donate over £5,000 a year to good causes. Owing to demand we currently, we have no vouchers available until 1st June 2021.

Q "Can I choose where I sit?"

We know that lots of our visitors like to choose a seat when they book. Lots of returning visitors start to get a favourite seat and we will try to give you that seat where we can. On a very rare occasion we might not be able to and likewise from time to time there may be screenings and special events where it is General Admission but 99% of the time it is allocated seating and you can choose your seat when booking.

Q "When do the cinema doors open?"

Our cinema and foyer bar are always open a minimum of 30 minutes before the advertised showing times and normally 1 hour before. The screen itself is normally open no less than 15 minutes before the advertised time of the screening. Please don't go into the screen if the doors are closed. 

Q "What if I arrive early?"

Don't worry if you arrive early. There is a foyer coffee bar and lounge. Most people do come early and sit with a drink and chat with friends. We have a really good coffee machine and are fully licensed (and our bar is surprisingly affordable). 

Q "Do you sell Popcorn? Is it expensive?"

We HATE how much some venues charge for food and drink. We only sell price marked bags of sweets and popcorn, typically they are just £1 each. Food and drink sold by ourselves are permitted into the screen.

Q "Can I bring my own Food and Drinks?"

Unfortunately, only food and drinks from ourselves are permitted into the screen. This is for a number of reasons but most notably it keeps the place as pristine. If you are hosting a private event you can bring food and drink for the foyer space.

If you are attending a public screening no food or drinks are permitted into the foyer space if not purchased from ourselves. There are a variety of fantastic restaurants in the town we encourage you to visit.

Q "Are mobile phones permitted in the screen?"

We ask our customers to not use a mobile phone or similar devices inside the screen. Ideally we ask you to turn it off or at least to the silent mode. Please do not email, acknowledge texts or make calls inside the screen. In a black room a screen is really bright! You will be asked to stop by one of the ushers as we are vigilant against film piracy and we periodically check the screen for potential recording devices. If you continue to use your phone you will be ejected from the screening without a refund.

Q "Where can I get information on new films or events?"

For more information on our current and upcoming schedule check our website, pick up a programme from the cinema or follow us on Facebook. 

Q "Can I bring a baby to the cinema?"

Under 2's are free if they sit on a carer's lap, but will be charged for if they occupy a seat. All 2 year olds and over will be charged at the pay as you please rate whether they occupy a seat or not. We love being a child friendly venue, however, please spare a thought for our other guests - if your baby grows unsettled, step outside for a moment until they've calmed down. We normally advise an aisle seat. Please note no baby is permitted into a 15 or 18 rated movie.

For your enjoyment and the enjoyment of others, we recommend that very young children are taken to our specially tailored 'Babies' performances rather than standard screenings.

Q "Do you have a bar?"

Yes - the Jam Jar Cinema foyer lounge is open for all screenings where we are open to the public. We are fully licensed and drinks can be taken into the screen.

Q "Do you take requests for films?"

Our programming aim is to try and enable as many people as possible to come to our community cinema. We aim to be popular, eclectic and a little messy in our film choices. Typically we programme the best of British, Hollywood and Independent releases. With this in mind we don't accept specific requests for films. We have a very limited foreign language, documentary and classic cinema audience and only programme these films as part of larger programming activity. If there is anything that you are particularly looking forward to please mention it to the team, we want our cinema to reflect our community.

Q "How can I send in feedback?"

As an organisation we want every person to leave the cinema happy. We are committed to meeting the needs of the community we serve, and we continually review all of our policies and procedures. If you have a view, or wish to give feedback, please speak with someone at the box office or email info@jamjarcinema.com