Private Hire

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We’re thrilled to be able to offer Private Screenings. We have teamed up with the Book The Cinema platform to make it easier for you to check availability, see what films are available, book online and also make a customised video to play before the film. 

 We only offer a private screening and not private hire of the venue. The other 2 screens will be in use during your event, the bars and toilet facilities will be shared and not exclusive. As such only drinks and snacks provided from the venue can be consumed on the premises. We are not able to offer catering or buffet space and our offer is limited to sweets, popcorn and drinks to enjoy during your visit.

"Sounds Great What Films Can I Watch?"

We currently have a curated list of all genres to select from and hundreds of films to select from. They are curated by category and really easy to search on the site. All of these films are ‘bookable’ and you can book your event if the date is available.

"I Bet It Must Be Pricey?"

 We continue to operate as a social enterprise and our model is that we will subsidise community and school hires where as private birthdays, gatherings, corporate events are charged at a premium. All charges are based on tickets and the number of tickets purchased is how many guests are permitted to the screening. There is a minimum charge of 20 tickets for a screening slot and any tickets above this are discounted as outlined below:


"When Are You Available For Hire?"

Adult Hire (up to 29 screen 2, up to 46 guests, Screen 1) 

Tuesdays - Sundays 4.30pm or 7.00pm screening.  £15 for the first 20 guests (min charge of £300) then £10 per guest thereafter. 

We offer a flat rate of £9 per admission (min charge £200) to registered charities, community groups and education organisations. 

Children’s Private Birthdays (up to 36 guests, Screen 2 or 3 depending on numbers) for private screenings for children’s birthdays. A minimum of 1 adult to every 8 children is required inside the screen at all times. 

Sundays 1pm or 5pm screening. £12 for the first 20 guests (min charge of £240) then £8 per guest thereafter

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